• December 6Dec.10th 11:00am Coed Varsity Swimming @Ball State

  • December 6Dec.9th 6:00 Girls Varsity+JV & Boys JV Basketball vs Anserson @Tech, 7:30 Boys Varsity Basketball @Tech DH

  • November 21Nov 28 Boys Freshman/JV Basketball 6:00 @Pike HS

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Open-Mic Club Presents……

With the debut of the Open Mic Club, here’s a sneak preview of the voices of students on this campus. If you would like to join the club to express yourself, relax, create and just chill, sign up or get an invite to attend the next Open Mic Club.



By Dominique Murry

I worry a lot; it’s insane.

Trying to put it on everyone else when I’m the one to blame.

Games… being played with my mind; it paralyzes me like I’m blind.

Trying to hide the things I go through; it kills me inside, this place I call home.

Sitting in my room wondering how I could ever feel so alone.

Only suicide would make it worse.

I don’t feel like this is a curse.

No, I’m not over-exaggerating these words.

I just wish somebody would actually put me first,

And understand that I am hurt.



By Dominique Murry

I wanted to be accepted into your heart.

I wanted to love you and listen to your dreams and nightmares,

what actually makes you scared.

Why’d you think I didn’t care?

‘Cause I slept with many?

Or was that just an excuse for self pity?

Hmm, who knows…

You’re such a different person under those clothes…

It’s just something I will never expose.

I tried to get deeper into your soul before it closed.

But I became lost trying to be there for someone who needed too much help,

and that’s real.




By Mariah Loredo

I will choke on my words

I will let my tears rise

in my eyes

I will keep quiet

but they won’t


I will shrink into myself

I will become a shell

of who I am

I will let the bad thoughts win

but they won’t


Where I’m From
By Kyree Lacy

I’m from rugged trenches,
Where we socially mostly disagree
Trust unknown
Heart burned to the third degree

I’m from a life at the speed of light
Maturity a must,
Visualizing experiences brought malicious thoughts
It’s a treacherous mental challenge in my slum-life
A life of either flight or fight…

Where I’m From
By Ricardo Martinez
…Sleepless nights spent thinking,
Thinking of what the future holds
For a kid with big dreams
And a vast array of interests.

Not letting the background I came from
Hold me back from what I want to be-
A hard working man who is well respected.

Where I’m From
By Hayley Vaughn

I’m from a place where music saves my soul.
A place where you wish for peace and quiet.
I’m just a tiny kitten in this world of hate trying to stay alive.
Trying to find things to help clear my head of horrible words and phrases.
Music in my ears is the pounding of the beat – my feelings in a song.
The lyrics streaming though my brain helping me escape.
Music every day, every minute – that’s my escape from
Where I am from.


The Student News Site of Arsenal Technical High School
Open-Mic Club Presents……