• December 6Dec.10th 11:00am Coed Varsity Swimming @Ball State

  • December 6Dec.9th 6:00 Girls Varsity+JV & Boys JV Basketball vs Anserson @Tech, 7:30 Boys Varsity Basketball @Tech DH

  • November 21Nov 28 Boys Freshman/JV Basketball 6:00 @Pike HS

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Help Cannon Journalists Get To Nationals

September 12, 2013

Filed under Academics, Life off campus, News, Opinion

Cannon Multimedia editors and producers are in the midst of a campaign to raise $10,000 for seven students to travel to Boston, Mass. to compete and attend workshops at the National Scholastic Press Association's Fall Convention. T...

10 Things I Love & Hate about Tech.

August 22, 2013

Filed under Opinion

By: Vedrana Stanarevic Senior: Emeral Toney 10 things I love about Tech • Campus • Music hall • Sports programs • New Tech teachers • Legacy Center • Selection of books at the...

Day of Silence

April 19, 2013

Filed under Extracurricular Activities, Opinion

Today is day of silence, if you’re asking yourself what that is well keep reading and your find out. Day of silence is a day where people remember others who have been victims of bullying and loneliness due to their sexuality. It...

Legalization of Marijuana

December 14, 2012

Filed under Opinion

For the next week, the cannon opinion page will be focusing on a controversial issue that has made headlines in recent months. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have passed controversial legislation that would allow people 21...

Changes to Come from IPS School Board Election

November 7, 2012

Filed under Life off campus, News, Opinion

                                                                                       By Jacob Miller                 Commentary                 The only certainty for IPS is that changes are com...

Woodward and Bernstein

November 5, 2012

Filed under News, Opinion

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are the greatest journalists of the modern age, and meeting them was an inspiring moment. I immediately jumped on the chance to meet Woodward and Bernstein, the famed journalists that uncovered...

Know the Candidates for Change

November 2, 2012

Filed under News, Opinion

By: Charlie Gates, Lucy Knorr, Ryan Lucas, Jacob Miller The school board elections this year will decide the fate of IPS and Dr. Whites involvement in our district. The way that you or your parents vote is critical in this race....

Students Say Obama Wins Third Debate

October 24, 2012

Filed under Opinion

                Monday night’s debate drew a consensus from many of the Tech students who watched it. The clear winner? Obama.  Though most students, as well as nearly all the news stations and political pundits,...

Y Vote Seminar Falls Flat

October 5, 2012

Filed under Opinion

The Y Vote Assembly, which was supposed to help educate students on why they should register to vote, ended up being a fiasco. I personally felt like it was a waste of time. I tried to pay attention and care, but I ended up not...

Letting Your Voice be Heard

September 24, 2012

Filed under Opinion

By Lucy Knorr This year, a unique opportunity is being given to the class of 2013. As students we need to be excited for the rare moments when we can let our opinions be heard and this year’s Seniors can let their voices be...

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