• December 6Dec.10th 11:00am Coed Varsity Swimming @Ball State

  • December 6Dec.9th 6:00 Girls Varsity+JV & Boys JV Basketball vs Anserson @Tech, 7:30 Boys Varsity Basketball @Tech DH

  • November 21Nov 28 Boys Freshman/JV Basketball 6:00 @Pike HS

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The Reality of Being A Teen Mom

October 22, 2015

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By Erianya Young I can say it’s a struggle working, taking care of a baby, and still going to school. My main struggle is I’m not getting enough sleep. I go to school from 7-2:30, work 4-10, then go home and take care of...

What Happened To Tech??

September 14, 2015

Filed under Campus News, information, Opinion

By Faith Williams, senior What Happened to Tech? What has Tech come to? Last week one day, I left class to go to the nurse, and when I got finished with the nurse, I headed back to class, and all the doors to Stuart were locked....

Chryssy’s Curl’s Protective Styles

September 4, 2015

Filed under blog, Campus News, information, Opinion

By Chrystiana Boston This week’s blog is about protective styles. Any styles of braids could be protective. You could have Singles, Box Braids, Senegalese, Bob Marley Twist, etc. Although, with these styles you have to careful....

Women’s Fashion Then and Now

September 3, 2015

Filed under information, Opinion, TBT

By Julissa Rosales Remember how different the clothing style used to be in the early 2000s? Take a look back at those years, fashion used to be way differently than it is now, year of 2015. Some people look back and do not like...

Junk Food VS Healthy Food: Which will win?

August 27, 2015

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VS By: McKalynn McGee Teens today always seem to choose junk food over healthy food. As Dominique said “we eat junk food because it tastes good”, but there is a not so obvious reason why teens choose junk food. The price....

Victim Found

August 19, 2015

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By: Angela Perez Murder victim found behind abandoned plant, two men arrested The body of Ron Trahan’s body was found buried in a mulch pile behind the abandoned east side RCA plant where no one will see or expect it w...

Combining Schools & New Students

August 19, 2015

Filed under Opinion

By: Kelsey Shockley As you have noticed Tech students, we have more students than teachers. In fact, we really only have 2 science teachers in the whole arsenal tech campus including about 30 other teachers and as well as a new...

Is Reading fun?

August 19, 2015

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By Justin Enoch The Red Sun The 4 best day’s in gaming July 30th-Aug.2.A author named Alane Adams Wrote a book named The Red Sun I was lucky enough to get a copy of the book, a tee-shirt, and an autograph from the Alane but only because I ready the whole book in under a 5 days. Alane is a mother of 3 bo...

What happened to things?

August 19, 2015

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By: Faith Wiliams Why is everything so serious? Why can’t we have fun anymore? We can’t express ourselves anymore. Ask yourself, if you notice what the world has come to. Everyone has to act so professional. Where do you...

Two losses for Pacquiao

May 8, 2015

Filed under Current Events, Opinion, Sports, Trending News

By TyRon Bonner So everyone is aware about the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight, right? Mayweather and Pacquiao made nine and eight figures, so I know everyone tuned in including myself. The fight went the distance with Mayweather...

Sports Central

May 8, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Sports, Trending News

By Justin Enoch A-ROD IS BACK AGAIN! Alex Rodriguez has come back to MLB and some fans think that he should have stayed away. But although he has been booed, he is still hitting home runs for his team, the Yankees. A-ROD has al...

Peyton loves the game

March 9, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Sports, Trending News

By Tyron Bonner It’s been announced that the long-time dynamic quarterback Peyton Manning will be returning to the Denver Broncos for another NFL Season. A few months ago everyone was questioning Peyton’s ability to return...

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