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False Information on Social Media

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By Terrance Groves

False Information is like a virus. Once you give it to one person it going to spread and rather quickly at that. Even if there are some that know the truth the false information still prevails because it connects with the emotions of people. Virus the truth which is sometimes hard for people to take. It had been said that false information has been leaked onto Facebook and throughout Google. This is huge because if the false information is put onto big social media company’s sites it will have a difference on peoples over all view of things. Possibly changing important decisions. For example the election. The election heavily used social media to get the election out there. So did the candidates. False information could’ve possibly been uploaded by someone who was bias to one party causing millions to vote off of things that are not truth. Just off the strength it’s what people “want” to hear. A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on, or so the saying goes. So people should take caution in just believing anything they find online. Dig deep make sure the source is legit. It has been said that Facebook and Google have come together to help create a stop to this problem according to http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/15/technology/google-will-ban-websites-that-host-fake-news-from-using-its-ad-service.html?_r=0.

Although some of the information is in fact authentic most is a form of digital viewer. Which false information, half-truths, doctored videos and images, or complete competitions. Only writing to solely persuade the people’s opinion to one side or another according to checkology.org.

3 Websites to Tell False Information from Real Information

  1. factchecking.com
  2. snopes.com
  3. polifact.com

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False Information on Social Media