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What are you thankful for….

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Mychennah Holt

Sometimes with everything going on in the world we forget what we are thankful for. In light if the Thanksgiving season, some students and staff have decided to tell what they are thankful for this year.

“I’m thankful for life, my family, and friends. I’m also thankful for food. Lol.” –Mychennah

 I’m thankful for my mother, my two sisters. I’m thankful for God waking me up every day, and I’m thankful for having a roof over my head.” –Zaccai

 “I am thankful for my family cause they always hold it down and keep it 100 with me, having a roof over my head. And for God blessing me every day with life and mercy.” –Ky Peyton

 “I’m thankful for being that dude.” –joker

 “I’m thankful for my family, and that were all going to be together for the holidays. And I’m also thankful that I get to work with such great students.” –Mrs. Griffin

 “I’m thankful for the friends that I have and my family.” –Jessica

“I am thankful for my family.” –Tanasha

 “I’m thankful to be woke up this morning. I’m thankful to have shoes on my feet and clothes on my back. I’m thankful to be alive.” –Dahsean

 “I’m thankful for life” –Kortez

 “I’m thankful for God” –Ernest

 “I’m thankful for life.” –Kendia

 “I’m thankful for my family and friends.” –Erika

 In the spirit if the season feel free to comment what you are thankful for as well! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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What are you thankful for….